Sometimes Simple is Best – Easy Hunter’s Beef Roast

The past few months have been busy, and stressful. I’ve not been able to keep up with my blog, or my diet. Several of the resolutions that I made at the start of the year have definitely fallen by the wayside.

I am still trying to focus on cooking with whole foods, and avoiding the big-chain fast food drive-thru, pre-packaged mixes, and junk food. Some days I succeed, and others… Well, let’s just say that there’s nothing quite like failure to build your resolve, LOL!

I’ve found that I am more successful at sticking to my goals when those goals are realistic based on all of the demands on my time.  It’s much easier to stick to my diet, and eat nutritious foods, when the recipe has ingredients that are easy to find and assemble, and, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to prepare.

Take tonight’s recipe for supper, for example. Hunter’s Roast. Just put 5 ingredients into a slow cooker and in 5 hours it’s ready to enjoy!

My local grocery store has beef sirloin tip roasts on sale for $2.79 a pound – I couldn’t believe it! So I stocked up on two; one to prepare tonight, the other to freeze and cook another time.

Large, pre-sliced portabello mushrooms were also marked down for $1.00 for an 8 ounce package. I got a large bag of slaw mix: which is simply pre-shredded cabbage and carrots, for just 79 cents.

Zucchinis were 79 cents a pound also, so I got several. One to use in tonight’s meal, the others to include in dishes through the week.

To make Hunter’s Roast, place a 2 1/2 to 3 pound sirloin tip roast into a slow cooker. Sprinkle with freshly cracked black pepper. Top with the entire package of sliced mushrooms. Pour 1/3 cup soy sauce and 1/3 cup water over it. Cover and cook on high for 5 hours or until meat is tender and pulls apart with a fork.

After the Roast has cooked for 3 hours, top with 4 small white potatoes, scoring the skins on both sides, Replace the cover and continue cooking until both the potatoes and meat are tender. About 2 to 3 hours on high.

Two to three hours before the meat is done, place the bag of slaw mix into another small slow cooker. add 1 sliced zucchini, sliced into 1/2 inch thick chunks. Stir. Add 4 to 5 tablespoons of pickle juice from a jar of bread and butter style pickles. Cook on high two hours, then reduce heat to warm until ready to serve. Stir well before serving.

This meal was enough to feed four of us, and, if I fix another side dish to go with the leftovers, there will be enough meat for another meal for four. The entire cost for this dish was just under $12, counting the cooked slaw and baked potato sides.

I apologize that I don’t have a photo to go along with this post – it was so delicious we ate it before I could snap a pic!



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