Want to Change the World? Read Aloud to a Child!

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It’s the first day of February, which means it’s time to celebrate World Read Aloud Day!

Throughout their childhood, I read aloud to my children; it was one of our most favorite family activities. Many of my fondest memories are of the times we went on adventures together with numerous characters, including: Peter Rabbit, Frog and Toad, the four Pevensie children, and of course, Harry Potter!

My children are all grown now, but, in celebration of the day I am going to read aloud to my granddaughter, Holly, later this evening via Skype. The book that I have chosen to read tonight is titled, “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” It was one of her mother’s favorites, as well as her aunts and uncle, especially her Aunt Celine.

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When we read to our children, it not only stimulates their listening skills, creativity and imagination, we give them the greatest gift of all: our time! Reading aloud is a critical building block of language skills and increases literary proficiency. Children that are read aloud to every night test more than a year ahead of their peers who are not read to.

It’s also a frugal, and fun, activity for your whole family to enjoy! If you have already been reading aloud to your children, bravo! Keep up the good work! If not, today is a great time to start!

Reading aloud together, we can change the world, one child, and one story, at a time! #WorldReadAloudDay

You can learn more about World Read Aloud Day at LitWorld: litworld.org/wrad





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