Are You Up for a Challenge?

a553efd6-b91a-4124-9a1a-05af3af8dacb_1.1a36fc7deaa10da658105c1efe74f8bfIf you’re a regular visitor to this site, you know that I love cooking, creating new recipes, and sharing the results with my readers. There are only a few other things that I enjoy as much as cooking; challenges, competitions, raffles and other types of contests are definitely on my list of favs. Combine cooking with a way to win a prize, and I’m there, with bells on!

I just heard about the Eat at Home Tonight challenge. It runs for a week, beginning today, Wednesday, August 8th and ends on Tuesday, August 14th. Contestants are invited to try out recipes from Tiffany King’s new cookbook, Eat at Home Tonight. If you try one or more of her recipes, why not snap a picture of your version of it and share it with others that are taking the challenge in the private Facebook group?

This is the same group where you can enter to win prizes each day of the contest, and there are some pretty nifty awards, including an Instant Pot, cookware, and even a stand-alone freezer! Don’t miss out on your chance to enter to win! While you’re there, watch Tiffany prepare some of her best recipes on Facebook Live. You also get access to some recipes from the book to get you started, along with a meal plan and grocery list!

Sign up today and get in on all the fun!


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