EaH Challenge Day One: Pepper Steak, Green Beans, Cucumber Salad and sliced fresh tomatoes


Good Morning, Dear Readers!

I’m curious if anyone else is participating in Tiffany King’s Eat at Home Tonight Challenge? Today is Day 3, and it’s not too late to join. Just sign-up on her blog, then head on over to the Facebook group where you can enter a daily drawing for a chance to win an awesome prize. Today’s prize is some baking sheets that make it super easy to whip up a delicious meal for your family!

One of the things that I like about this challenge is that Tiffany shares a live video on her Facebook group, each day, where she walks you through the steps of preparing one of her awesome meals at home. Sign-up for the challenge, then join the group and watch the live video replays. I especially enjoyed the Challenge Day 2 video, which featured Tiffany preparing her recipe for Italian Tomato Soup with Pizza Cheese Croutons. I think I am going to try making it later this week!

I thought I would share with you a photo I snapped of the meal that I made for the first night of the challenge. It was thin-sliced steaks with peppers and gravy, made in the crockpot. I also cooked about a pound of half-runner green beans and sliced some fresh tomatoes that I bought at our local farmer’s market.

Sadly, I got a late start on my garden this year, so my produce is coming in late. So far, only 4 cayenne peppers have been ripe enough to pick, and that was just three days ago. Hopefully, more of my vegetables will be coming in soon, which of course will mean more posts of recipes that use fresh vegetables!

While I was at the market, I also picked up some cucumbers, onions and hot banana peppers, which I turned into the cucumber salad that you see in the mason jar in the above photo. It keeps about 4 weeks in the refrigerator, although I’ve never been able to keep it around that long. The four of us ate one full jar with this meal!

While I was sick earlier this summer, and, in the hospital recovering from septicemia and emergency surgery, my family sort of fell out of the habit of preparing and eating homecooked meals. This challenge was just what I needed to get all of us back on track to eating healthy foods, and preparing frugal meals that save money to help us get out of debt and rebuild our retirement fund!

I am a little busy this week, but look for some more articles this weekend where I will share my recipe for cucumber salad and some of the other tasty dishes that I will be making this week as part of the challenge!

#EatAtHomeTonightChallenge #EatAtHome #peppersteak #cucumbersalad


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